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Yoga in the Ananda Yoga tradition

  • Classes include a bit of pranayama (breath work), and asana (yoga postures).
  • We will start with centering exercises and proceed with warm ups, standing asanas, seated (chair or floor) asanas, and end with deep relaxation.
  • In Ananda Yoga, the postures are sequenced to help bring energy inward and upward.  While holding postures, we silently recite uplifting affirmations to bring joy and energy to the practice.
  • We focus on correct alignment to make the poses comfortable, avoid injury, and experience the deeper levels of yoga practice.  Modifications are offered to accommodate different levels of ability.

Sally Swan is a certified yoga and meditation teacher with the Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation.


Ardha Chandrasana - Half-Moon Pose

Benefits:          Opens the rib cage, frees breathing, and promotes spinal awareness.

Cautions:         Cardiovascular problems:  Join palms at the heart and hold the pose only briefly.

                           Draw navel toward spine to protect lower back.

Instructions:   Step your feet together.

                           As you inhale, circle your arms upward, interlock your thumbs, stretch tall.

                           As you exhale, extend the stretch to your left and slide your hips slightly to the right.

                           The body forms a graceful and uniform sideways arc.

                           Relax your shoulders away from your ears.

                           Actively lengthen with through the sides of the body, opening the right side.

Silently affirm "Strength and courage fill my body cells."

Ananda Yoga

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